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STM Srl: Innovation and Quality in the Field of Technical Components for Furniture

At STM, innovation meets experience. We are a dynamic company, born from the union of two well-established companies in the furniture components sector: Sercom and TM. This merger has allowed us to combine technical know-how, passion for quality, and a vocation for innovation, to offer our customers cutting-edge solutions.

Our mission

  1. Simplify your production processes by providing high-quality technical components for furniture and customized solutions that perfectly adapt to your needs.
  2. Improve the experience of end consumers by offering innovative, functional, and aesthetically refined products that contribute to creating high-quality, designer furniture.
  3. Enhance your furniture projects by putting our technical expertise, our experience in the sector, and our passion for innovation at your disposal.
  4. Constantly evolve alongside you, anticipating market trends and developing cutting-edge solutions that allow you to stand out from the competition.
  5. Be your point of reference in the technical components for furniture sector, offering you excellent service, personalized consultation, and continuous support at every stage of your project.
High-Quality Production Process

High-Quality Production Process

In our warehouse of over 3000 square meters, we carefully and precisely manage orders, carry out processing, rigorously check each component, and organize national and international shipments.

Quality is our top priority: each product is carefully verified to ensure dimensional accuracy, refined aesthetics, optimal functionality, and durability over time.

Development of Custom Components

What sets us apart is our design-oriented approach. We do not limit ourselves to selling standard components but work alongside you to create tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.

Whether it's designing customized components, adapting our products to your requirements, or providing technical advice, STM is your reliable partner.


To explore our range of products, which includes slides, hinges, locks, and much more, or to find the perfect solution for your unique needs, contact our sales department.

Development of Custom Components
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