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STM Srl: Innovation and Quality in the Field of Technical Components for Furniture

Welcome to STM Srl, a leading company established in 2009 in the trade and production of quality technical components for furniture. Specializing in advanced solutions for office furniture and the residential sector, STM Srl draws on over two decades of experience from collaborations with Sercom and TM. We operate from Crevalcore in a modern 2000 sqm facility, dedicated to research, design, importation, and distribution in the Italian market.

Custom Development and Design

At the heart of our vision lies continuous innovation and customized design, to create unique solutions that perfectly fit the requests of our clients. Every component reflects our commitment to providing tailor-made solutions with reliable and durable materials.

Development of Custom Components

Painting is a crucial phase in ensuring the quality and durability of our components. We collaborate with experts in the furniture industry to constantly monitor this phase, ensuring a finished product that excels in both beauty and resilience.


To explore our product catalog, which includes guides, hinges, locks, and much more, or to find the perfect solution for your unique needs, contact our commercial department.

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