Technical components for furniture

Company profile

STM s.r.l. was born in 2009 as the result of the merge of TM and Sercom, which already operated in the furniture components industry.

STM has two facilities:

-Pesaro, 1500sqm : Production, foreign markets office

-Crevalcore (Bologna), 2000 sqm: R&D, purchasing and domestic market offices


The company has diversified its main activities in the last years, integrating new market segments to its core business such as office furniture components and pull-out systems.

Thanks to the know-how developed as a long timer in the industry, STM has gained the capability to provide tailored solutions to its clients: therefore, it can customize the products according to the clients’ specifications thanks to a constant R&D activity and the continuous cooperation between this department and the customers.

Know-how, focus on quality and innovative mindset are the guidelines thanks to which STM increased its reputation in the industry, and will always be the milestones of Italian excellence around the world.